The Best Things to Eat in France

Please put down the croissants and baguettes and keep reading, there is better stuff than that.


Foie gras  

Foie gras is a delicacy in France. It is the fatty liver of a duck or goose and is produced by force feeding, via tube, said duck or goose. Yes, my description does not make it sound appetizing but seriously, foie gras is a must try appetizer, entrée in French, while in France. It looks similar to pate; however, don’t confuse foie gras with pate as this dish is much more special, with a creamier taste. The best foie gras dishes that I have ever had were the ones that were mixed with or topped with onion and / or fig jam. This mix of sugar and fat really does the trick.




Galettes are what the French call salty crepes. They can be stuffed with anything from different cheeses, to different meats, potatoes, or even a fried egg. I’ve had some galettes that were substantially better than others so I think they’re hit or miss but in general, in the regions of Brittany or Normandy you will certainly find a good galette.



Magret de canard

Magret de canard is roasted duck breast, a specialty of the south western region in France. I had never had duck prior to living in France but while living in France, I came to love this dish. Typically, duck is paired with grilled potatoes or fries and some type of cream based sauce, it is rich, tender, and easy to eat. This dish is the feature image in this article. 



A Tartiflette is a special French dish that you can find in the mountains or during the wintertime. It consists of potatoes, cheese (specifically reblochon cheese), lardon (something like bacon), and cream all baked together and boy it is delicious. This is hands down my favorite thing to eat in France.



Cheeseburgers? In france? I know that it sounds ridiculous but the French actually eat a lot of burgers, thank you globalization, and they do them well. If you find yourself in a restaurant where they offer a cheeseburger with some combination of blue cheese, camembert, brie, or cheese fondu with foie gras and/or onion or fig jam, please just order it. Burgers in France can be really unique and 100 percent delicious.



Tacos from O’Tacos

Perhaps even more ridiculous than me telling you to eat burgers in France is me telling you to eat tacos; however, these aren’t the tacos that you are used to. O’Tacos is a cheap French fast-food chain located in almost every medium and large sized city in France. O’Tacos sells tacos, but ‘a taco’ at this place is a large flour tortilla wrap filled with your choice of meat, fries, liquid white cheese sauce, and any additional meat, cheese, and / or sauce that you would like to add. Theses tacos are truly a good hangover food.  Additionally, O’Tacos establishment boasts France’s African influences, with a lot of African inspired sauces like Algerian or Samourai. I recommend taking taco with one of these sauces.


Tartelette aux Framboises

Almost every boulangerie in France will have Tartelettes aux framboises. These pastries are essentially little buttery tarts filled with sweet cream and then topped with raspberries. They are simple, easily found, affordable, and delicious. My favorite are the ones you can find at Paul, a chain bakery in France.


Moelleux au chocolat

A Moelleux au chocolat is essentially a chocolate cake style brownie filled with warm chocolate fondu and, if you’ve found a good one, topped with ice cream and either chocolate or caramel syrup. This dessert is truly heartwarming, I recommend these for anyone with a sweet tooth.

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